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Lots and Lots of Buildings  — February 12, 2017

Lots and Lots of Buildings 

These past three days were quite hectic as I was in Toronto, Canada competing with 7500 other students at Ontario’s Provincial DECA competition! 

It was an amazing experience and I cannot wait for next year. While I was there, I did managed to take many photos of the city and thought I should share a few of my favourites. 

Toronto and the AGO — August 5, 2016

Toronto and the AGO

In July my family and I made a little trip to Toronto. It is one of the biggest cities in Canada (in fact, the biggest). We did a bit shopping, ate at some nice restaurants and visited St. Lawrence Market.

But the best and my favourite place we went to while in Toronto was The AGO, the Art Gallery of Ontario.

The exhibition we saw while visiting the museum was “The Idea of The North” by Lawren Harris, who was a part of the Group of Seven. The Group of Seven was a group of Canadian landscapes painters in the 1920s.

Below I have added pictures I took during the trip to Toronto, mostly images from the gallery. I hope you enjoy them!