Conflicting Views

Conflicting views and differing perspective are things that we see all the time. Whether two people disagree about the binder colour for the subject of Math, or butt heads on larger issues like governmental policies there is always someone who will see the other side of an argument or issue and try to argue their stance. Of course, when backed by facts, any stance is valid. But where does that leave you, and any others who are affected by the larger issues like foreign policy, universal healthcare, and immigration? And what makes one view better and more valid than the other?

For this poem, I was inspired by arguments on Instagram, debates in the classroom, conversations on TV, and glasses. Around my room I have a few different pairs of glasses, some sunglasses, and others which can be considered “fashion” pairs.

Each pair portrays a slightly different world, tinted pink, slightly darker or distorted. In the image I took, they are all in conflict with each other. It is up to you to pick the one you think suits you best, the one that will give you the best view, the best protection and the best use for its purpose. Based off of the picture, I chose to write “Conflicting Views” which you can read below.

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Conflicting Views

A pair of ideals,
lenses on the left and right,
fighting to make you see
different things in different light.

Conflicting views,
a resting frame on your nose.
Depending on which way you look,
your opinion grows.

Conflicting views,
yet each overlaps the other.
All fighting the same problem
with a different fix,
hopefully something better than
a few parlour tricks.


My Opinion on Opinions

The internet is a very opinionated place.

It is also a very judgemental place, but an opinion (in my opinion) should not be judged.

Everyone has a different view on things, and everyone is their own person, therefor there will always be people that will disagree with each other.

Here are some words to live by; “I will respect someone’s opinion if their opinion is respectful, not only to me but to everyone.”

So before you hit the “comment”, “send” or “reply” button, remember that you should not attack someone else over their opinion, or their views on our very complex, opinionated and judgmental world.