A Letter to the Internet

Dear Internet,

Lately you have been in many major topics of discussion, and mostly the cause of many topics of discussion. I am writing you this letter based on events over the past few years and the years to come.

A request I would like to address is: please stop making stupid people famous.

It’s great that people can lip sync and start Twitter feuds with each other, but those things aren’t going to help with what is happening in the real world right now.

Make those who want to create change famous, talk about the people that are doing good in this world. Some need inspiration in their lives to start making changes, and the people that you promote can inspire them greatly.

You have the power to connect people from Canada to Japan, from Brazil to France. Use that ability for good and share with us what really matters, instead of petty gossip and trivial matters.

Thank you, Sarah Hesp


A Letter to Autocorrect

Dear Autocorrect,

I know it is okay to make misteaks.

Mistakes help you learn. Without them everyone would be perfect, and what fun is a world filled with perfect human beings? There would be no new discoveries, no lessons learned.

So mistakes are good, mistakes are okay.

The thing is, sometimes there is no room for errors. For example, in an essay that will be marked by a teacher, or in an important text to your friend or family member.

Well, I obviously want a “carrier” in writing, I totally mean “coin dance” and I am very “prude” of this letter so far.

Thank you autocorrect, for making mistakes for me.

Sincerely, Sarah Hesp

PS. I know I spelled my name right, and so does everyone else.