At Your Fingertips

Nowadays, I do a lot of writing on my phone.

Whether I am making a list, writing a poem or typing up a new blog post the words are most likely to be started and stored in this device that can fit in our hands.

In the past few years it has become so much easier to convey and put our thoughts out there, with a few taps of our fingers and an Internet connection. Instead of publishing books, sending mail, or even working on laptops, people can know what I am thinking in mere seconds.

These little devices connect us to everything, everyone and everywhere. It is crazy, but good crazy.

Not to mention, so very convenient. It allows people like me to access and start blogs, YouTube channels, and more to share with others of the same mind. We can create our dreams, and tool to start with is right in our hands.


A Letter to the Internet

Dear Internet,

Lately you have been in many major topics of discussion, and mostly the cause of many topics of discussion. I am writing you this letter based on events over the past few years and the years to come.

A request I would like to address is: please stop making stupid people famous.

It’s great that people can lip sync and start Twitter feuds with each other, but those things aren’t going to help with what is happening in the real world right now.

Make those who want to create change famous, talk about the people that are doing good in this world. Some need inspiration in their lives to start making changes, and the people that you promote can inspire them greatly.

You have the power to connect people from Canada to Japan, from Brazil to France. Use that ability for good and share with us what really matters, instead of petty gossip and trivial matters.

Thank you, Sarah Hesp

My Opinion on Opinions

The internet is a very opinionated place.

It is also a very judgemental place, but an opinion (in my opinion) should not be judged.

Everyone has a different view on things, and everyone is their own person, therefor there will always be people that will disagree with each other.

Here are some words to live by; “I will respect someone’s opinion if their opinion is respectful, not only to me but to everyone.”

So before you hit the “comment”, “send” or “reply” button, remember that you should not attack someone else over their opinion, or their views on our very complex, opinionated and judgmental world.