At Your Fingertips

Nowadays, I do a lot of writing on my phone. Whether I am making a list, writing a poem or typing up a new blog post the words are most likely to be started and stored in this device that can fit in our hands. In the past few years it has become so much… Continue reading At Your Fingertips


A Letter to the Internet

Dear Internet, Lately you have been in many major topics of discussion, and mostly the cause of many topics of discussion. I am writing you this letter based on events over the past few years and the years to come. A request I would like to address is: please stop making stupid people famous. It's… Continue reading A Letter to the Internet

My Opinion on Opinions

The internet is a very opinionated place. It is also a very judgemental place, but an opinion (in my opinion) should not be judged. Everyone has a different view on things, and everyone is their own person, therefor there will always be people that will disagree with each other. Here are some words to live… Continue reading My Opinion on Opinions