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Ottawa — May 28, 2017


A few weeks ago my family and I went to Canada’s lively capital, Ottawa, for three days. We spent most of those days wandering around ByWard Market, going around to the different stores, stalls and restaurants. I also had a chance to see the tulips planted in the city for Canada’s 150th anniversary, unfortunately before they had bloomed. After some shopping at the CF Rideau Centre and IKEA, it was time to get home. On the trip I took many short videos which I decided to edit, putting the final product to music.

Click here to watch the video on my YouTube channel.

I Made a Friend — May 30, 2016

I Made a Friend

People can make friends in the most interesting ways, with the most unlikely companions.

While visiting the southernmost tip in Canada, I made a friend… In a little bird.

While walking down a forest trail my mom and I came across the little creature, a rose-breasted Grosbeak. We stopped and my mom quickly whipped out her camera to take a photo.

The bird started chirping so I decided to whistle back to it, just to mimic the sound it was making. After I whistled, it would whistle back.

My mom told me to keep whistling, so I did. Everything from The Sound of Music to my own random tunes.

The bird listened and as I whistled, then it whistled back. We had a conversation of sorts, one I enjoyed.

As I said before, friends can be made in the most interesting ways with the most unlikely companions.