Appreciation Post for Fall

Why do I love fall?   I love fall because of the sound the leaves make as I walk down my street, crunching under my worn-in black vans.   I love fall because of the cool crisp breeze that is pushing at my back as a step onto the bus, heading downtown. The breeze that… Continue reading Appreciation Post for Fall


Goodbye Summer 

It is now September which means one thing: Fall is almost here. Because of that, I decided to create a video that includes some highlights of my summer. Since I was quite busy for the past two months I did not have much time to write any posts, so I hope you enjoy the video… Continue reading Goodbye Summer 

A List of Things That Make Us Happy

2016 has been..... an interesting year to say the least. From bottle flipping to an election, many things happened. Some may argue that the year has been one of the worst in their lifetime. To shift away from all that negativity, I would like to make my last blog post of 2016 a list of… Continue reading A List of Things That Make Us Happy