Living Alone

I have come to the conclusion that I would actually really like living alone after university. Being extroverted I have always loved surrounding myself with people and talking with others and that has not changed, nor do I think it ever will. However I have thought about the idea of having an entire home to… Continue reading Living Alone



I have been pretty busy lately due to projects and assignments from class as 2017 is coming close to an end. The break is sorely needed at this point in the school year and thankfully only one week away! Last weekend I decided to film while I was attempting to study and work on assignments… Continue reading Studying

PSA: Don’t Hide Your Mistakes

I remember when an eraser was my best friend. With a few strokes, that unplanned line was long gone, or a misspelled word had vanished from my page.   I loved writing in pencil because nothing was “set in stone”. You had unlimited do overs, infinite lives.   Now, note the past tense, loved. Because while… Continue reading PSA: Don’t Hide Your Mistakes