Fall Fair

By the end of tonight it is likely that some parents will never want to see a carnival game again. Maybe some houses will have a new pet goldfish, and some kids will have indulged in their sweet sugar fantaisies of candied apples and funnel cakes. This patten repeats for four days every September, when the Fall Fair comes to town.

Last year was the first time I went to the Fair properly, with friends. We bought all-day passes and went on all the rides (and by that I mean all the ones that were in our comfort zones).

This year I brought another friend along – my camera.

Below are some of the images that I took, my favourites out of the odd 200. I hope you like them as much as I do.



This summer flew by, and it flew by fast. I did enjoy it though, with an abundance of picnics, photoshoots and hangouts with friends.

Now it is the day before school starts and I can safely say — I am excited to go back.

Do not get me wrong, I definitely wish summer could go on a little longer (minus the heat we have been getting).

But I am excited to start my new classes.

Excited to see my friends everyday again.

Excited to be involved in clubs again.

Of course, no one is really excited for homework, tests, or tedious projects, and the stress that comes with them. While I guess it is inevitable, I still feel like this year is going to be a good one.

I hope it is a good one for you too.

My Art Journal

I am not that great at art – and when I say art, I mean visual art. Put a camera in front of me and I can sometimes work magic, but a paintbrush? Not so much.

When I was younger I used to draw and paint, my creativity fueled by my surroundings, school art classes, and family. When my Kindergarten teacher had decided it was time to retire, left my old school a few years after I had her, I presented her with a painted picture on canvas as a present for everything she had done for me, and my class.

Since then I transitioned to writing; writing poetry since 5th grade and later photography towards the end of 7th. I became less confident in my visual art skills, and I rarely chose to paint or draw compared to how often I’d jump at the chance of taking photos with friends.

Then, I was introduced to bullet and art journaling through Instagram and Tumblr.

Art journaling fit me like a glove. It could incorporate mixed media, a combination of painting, printed pictures, drawing, and writing. I could even add items like old receipts or ticket stubs from happy memories.

I would have to say that the brand Moleskine with it’s classic, blank pages is my preferred type of journal, and I have been filling these books for almost 2 years now.  I love sharing pages of whatever I happen to create here and there on my Instagram (@aesthatiic) and have cultivated inspiration from other people sharing photos of their favourite spreads on the platform.

Below I have added some of my favourite pages from these past few months. If you are anything like me, I hope this inspires you to start a journal of your own as they are outlets for creativity that can take as many watts as you are willing to put in.


Inspiration is an important player when it comes to the game of anything and everything. What inspires you to do something, what drives you to create? Where do you get your inspiration from?

I commonly see these questions, the last one specifically.

Personally, I do not get inspiration from one particular source.

My inspiration is like a thunderstorm, a common occurrence. I get my it from my surroundings such as friends, family members, nature and of course, the goldmine that is the internet. I could be scrolling through Instagram one day, and bam, it will hit me.

That is the thing with inspiration, it can strike you any time, any where. (Like at 1 in the morning, when I should probably be sleeping yet instead chose to write this blog post…)

Sometimes the storm of motivation and ideas is fleeting, yet other times it lasts longer than you originally could have hoped.

Once it passes, it is always such a sight to see that the thunder and the lighting may lead to something, a rainbow. That occasion where your inspiration leads to something beautiful.


When I was younger, everything was so much bigger, much more important.

I was 5 years old the first time my family went to India, and it was my first time out of the county. The second time we went was when I was just 7.

Before the second trip, I remember having a pink velcro wallet with the smiling faces of Disney Princesses printed on it.

The visit was highly anticipated by myself as it was a chance to see my family again, but also buy toys, clothes, and food I would otherwise not get in Canada. I remember saving up all the money I could, to a point where my wallet was bursting with change and bills.

When I went to exchange the cash for rupees with my parents, I was astounded. I had saved a whole 40 dollars.

Back then, it seemed like such a big feat of mine. Yet now with expenses like phones, laptops, cars, and school overall, the number seems insignificant.

When I was younger the smallest achievements, events, and places seemed like the biggest things. 40 dollars meant I was rich, my elementary school of 250 kids was the whole world, and so was everything that happened in it.

Now that I have “grown up” my perspective has shifted and these small feats are not what they used to be, but part of me wishes they were.

Music, Songs and Such Part Four

Lately I have been very busy finding new music as I got Spotify Premium a few weeks ago. I have been listening to a lot of music so I thought I would come on here to share some of my new favourites!

god save our young blood // børns

supernatural // børns

silvertongue // young the giant

cecilia // simon and garfunkel

for elise // saint motel

my type // saint motel

cold cold man // saint motel

(honestly all

disco yes // tom misch

how big, how blue, how beautiful // florence + the machine

sweet tooth // scott helman

i love my friends // foster the people

up to no good // the hoosiers

this is america // childish gambino

loving is easy // rex orange county

the less i know the better // tame impala

You can find all of these songs and more on my Spotify linked here. My music place is slightly all over the place if you couldn’t already tell… So likely there is something for everyone.

Places I Went in Atlanta

2 weeks ago yesterday I got back home from Atlanta, Georgia, where I was attending the International Career Development Conference run by DECA.

During my time there my friends and I tried to see as much of the city as we could, while also balancing preparation for our competition.

First, we saw some pretty cool koi fish when visiting the competition centre.

We also took lots of photos, here is one of me!

The Mercedes-Benz stadium was astounding and we visited the building on our first official day there. I found the statue outside to be interesting so I snapped this photo.

I also had Chick-fil-a for the first time. Hands down my new favourite fast food place.

On our last full day in Atlanta we were free to explore, and my classmates and I chose to visit two places, the first one being the Georgia Aquarium.

After that, we finished the day off by visiting the World of Coca-Cola.

After that it was adios to Atlanta, and the next day we headed back home to Canada.