Music, Songs and Such Part 3 

The last time I made a post about music was November of last year, and since then I have found many new (and old) songs that have been on repeat for days at a time. Check out the list below and give some of them a listen!  take on me // a-ha  taro // alt-j … Continue reading Music, Songs and Such Part 3 


A List of Things That Make Us Happy

2016 has been..... an interesting year to say the least. From bottle flipping to an election, many things happened. Some may argue that the year has been one of the worst in their lifetime. To shift away from all that negativity, I would like to make my last blog post of 2016 a list of… Continue reading A List of Things That Make Us Happy

Music, Songs and Such

Genres, songs, artists, rhythm, beat, music. Music is something we all love and definitely something we all cherish. People typically have a favourite artist or two, but not me. I do not get attached I guess. People are fans of artists for years and years, dedicated to knowing all of their songs and albums. In… Continue reading Music, Songs and Such