When I was younger, everything was so much bigger, much more important.

I was 5 years old the first time my family went to India, and it was my first time out of the county. The second time we went was when I was just 7.

Before the second trip, I remember having a pink velcro wallet with the smiling faces of Disney Princesses printed on it.

The visit was highly anticipated by myself as it was a chance to see my family again, but also buy toys, clothes, and food I would otherwise not get in Canada. I remember saving up all the money I could, to a point where my wallet was bursting with change and bills.

When I went to exchange the cash for rupees with my parents, I was astounded. I had saved a whole 40 dollars.

Back then, it seemed like such a big feat of mine. Yet now with expenses like phones, laptops, cars, and school overall, the number seems insignificant.

When I was younger the smallest achievements, events, and places seemed like the biggest things. 40 dollars meant I was rich, my elementary school of 250 kids was the whole world, and so was everything that happened in it.

Now that I have “grown up” my perspective has shifted and these small feats are not what they used to be, but part of me wishes they were.


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