Music, Songs and Such Part 3 

The last time I made a post about music was November of last year, and since then I have found many new (and old) songs that have been on repeat for days at a time. Check out the list below and give some of them a listen! 
take on me // a-ha 

taro // alt-j 

fitzpleasure // alt-j

in cold blood // alt-j 

deadcrush // alt-j 

idle town // conan gray

africa // toto 

sober // lorde

perfect places // lorde

greenlight // lorde

liability // lorde

supercut // lorde 

everything now // arcade fire 

old school // urban cone 

pumping up clouds // urban cone 

honolulu // last dinosaurs 

cardiac arrest // bad suns 

daft pretty boys // bad suns 

every breath you take // the police 

pork soda // glass animals 

flying model rockets // the front bottoms 


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