Painting vs. Colouring

Colouring has now become popular with adults, as recent studies have shown that colouring actually helps with stress.

Now while that has been proven to be true, in my opinion painting is better when it comes to relieving stress.

Many adult colouring books have beautiful but very intricate designs, and if you’re anything like me colouring inside the lines isn’t really your thing. For me, it is actually quite stressful to have to carefully shade a specific space, and if I mess up, I am most likely feel more frustrated.

Painting isn’t like that (in my case). I find that through abstract art, I can paint my feelings and emotions and there aren’t any rules or lines that I have to be aware of and follow. I can be free to do my own thing, and the result is still something beautiful.

So which do you find better at relieving stress and overall, colouring or painting?


One Year

Woah. It has been a year.

On September 7th of 2015, I started this blog. And now I am here, a year later. Time has flown by, at least through my eyes.

I have posted a total of 19 posts, with many more to come.

I would like to give thanks for all of support from everyone who has read my blog. You are a big part of the reason I do what I love, writing.