A Letter to the Internet

Dear Internet,

Lately you have been in many major topics of discussion, and mostly the cause of many topics of discussion. I am writing you this letter based on events over the past few years and the years to come.

A request I would like to address is: please stop making stupid people famous.

It’s great that people can lip sync and start Twitter feuds with each other, but those things aren’t going to help with what is happening in the real world right now.

Make those who want to create change famous, talk about the people that are doing good in this world. Some need inspiration in their lives to start making changes, and the people that you promote can inspire them greatly.

You have the power to connect people from Canada to Japan, from Brazil to France. Use that ability for good and share with us what really matters, instead of petty gossip and trivial matters.

Thank you, Sarah Hesp


30+ Things to Do In Summer

It’s finally here, summer!

No more school, snow or homework to worry about. 2 months of lots of fun and sun.

I have put together a list of things to do this summer if at any point you find yourself bored, or looking for something to do.

– See a movie

– Go to the mall

– Laser tag

– Go swimming/Go to a beach

– Spend a day downtown (window shopping or actually shopping)

– Have a picnic with friends

– Go on a bike ride

– Have a Family Game Day

– Movie Marathon on Netflix

– Have a water balloon or gun fight

– Redecorate your house

– Read a new book!

– Create a Summer Bucket List

– Have a pool party

– Write a book

– Put on a play

– Watch a play

– Volunteer somewhere in your community

– Write a song or poem

– Catch a sunset and sunrise

– Have a fashion show

– Make a collage out of old newspapers and magazines

– Get a new hairstyle

– Go see a drive-in movie

– Make a tapestry (tie dye)

– Go go-karting

– Create a website

– Take a tour of your city

– Learn how to juggle

– Go on a road trip

– Have a bonfire

– Create a chalk mural

– Design a motivational poster to hang in your room