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I Made a Friend — May 30, 2016

I Made a Friend

People can make friends in the most interesting ways, with the most unlikely companions.

While visiting the southernmost tip in Canada, I made a friend… In a little bird.

While walking down a forest trail my mom and I came across the little creature, a rose-breasted Grosbeak. We stopped and my mom quickly whipped out her camera to take a photo.

The bird started chirping so I decided to whistle back to it, just to mimic the sound it was making. After I whistled, it would whistle back.

My mom told me to keep whistling, so I did. Everything from The Sound of Music to my own random tunes.

The bird listened and as I whistled, then it whistled back. We had a conversation of sorts, one I enjoyed.

As I said before, friends can be made in the most interesting ways with the most unlikely companions.