Music, Songs and Such

Genres, songs, artists, rhythm, beat, music. Music is something we all love and definitely something we all cherish. People typically have a favourite artist or two, but not me.

I do not get attached I guess.

People are fans of artists for years and years, dedicated to knowing all of their songs and albums. In my case, I just listen to what I like, and whatever I come across.

I hear a song. If it has a nice tone, pitch tempo (or whatever) I listen to it. Add it to my playlist. Simple. I do not worry so much about the artists and everything about them, but I worry about their music. What is in their songs and their music is what matters most to me.


Here is a list of songs I 100% recommend you listen to, whatever your taste may be.

(My list is in no particular order.)


house of gold // twenty one pilots

midnight city // m83

everybody wants to rule the world // lorde

please don’t go // joel adams

lose it // oh wonder

livewire // oh wonder

beat of my drum // powers

ophelia // the lumineers

stole the show // kygo

this is gospel // panic! at the disco

the judge // twenty one pilots


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