A List of Things to Write About

Me: Has nothing to write about.

Me: Writes about having nothing to write about!

But all and all aside, I did not have anything to write about for the past few days…. So I decided to make a post about things to write about! If you have writers block or are just out of inspiration, come check out my list and hopefully it will help…. But more not.


  1. Puppies! Or pets, everyone loves animals.
  2. Hair
  3. Your favourite book
  4. Technology, how about a product review?
  5. Cameras
  6. You gotta love rocks.
  7. Social Media… And how the Internet will take over.
  8. The fact that even teenagers think Donald Trump will ruin the world
  9. Chocolate (yum)
  10. That Sherlock comes out only every two years, the wait is painful
  11. Plants, succulents, daises, grass, trees, bushes, cactuses, sunflowers, Venus flytraps, evil tulips
  12. Colouring books for adults…. Which are insanely priced
  13. Headphones
  14. Adidas Superstars which everyone and their cousin seems to have
  15. Light-up, water filled, colour changing speakers
  16. That pencil collection you had in first grade
  17. Losing your pencil collection
  18. Losing your keys
  19. Losing your marbles
  20. Losing your sanity


(If you have not noticed, yes some things in this list were exaggerated, and yes this list is a bit of a joke.)


Music, Songs and Such

Genres, songs, artists, rhythm, beat, music. Music is something we all love and definitely something we all cherish. People typically have a favourite artist or two, but not me.

I do not get attached I guess.

People are fans of artists for years and years, dedicated to knowing all of their songs and albums. In my case, I just listen to what I like, and whatever I come across.

I hear a song. If it has a nice tone, pitch tempo (or whatever) I listen to it. Add it to my playlist. Simple. I do not worry so much about the artists and everything about them, but I worry about their music. What is in their songs and their music is what matters most to me.


Here is a list of songs I 100% recommend you listen to, whatever your taste may be.

(My list is in no particular order.)


house of gold // twenty one pilots

midnight city // m83

everybody wants to rule the world // lorde

please don’t go // joel adams

lose it // oh wonder

livewire // oh wonder

beat of my drum // powers

ophelia // the lumineers

stole the show // kygo

this is gospel // panic! at the disco

the judge // twenty one pilots

On Fire

“I am on fire!”

Have you ever been on fire?
The moment an idea sparks in your head, like a match striking a smooth surface and


It’s there. This spark is born and soon turns into a steady flame, growing with each minute and with each new thought.

Now not a spark, not a flame but something so much more.
It’s an inferno, a story, a movement.

Stories, companies, lives, inventions. They were all created, by some person and in someone’s mind. Maybe only with a spark, but all with an idea.