Lost Things

Your favourite shirt, a lucky pen, just about anything can go missing at any time.

We lose things that are unimportant and those that we hold most close, and at times we may even lose ourselves.

So one may ask, how do we find what we have lost?

My simple answer: we do not. Other than your misplaced pair of socks or class textbook, what we lose has an uncanny way of coming back to us.

Even if we lose ourselves, we find what we stop looking for and start living for.

Just think about it, and try not to lose your train of thought. . .


Hello, it’s *Almost* 2016

2016 is just a few hours away. Once the clock ticks to 12 am and the ball drops, it will officially be the New Year and 2015 will be, simply put, over.

As the New Year draws closer and closer people start to think, “how can I make this year different, or better?” resulting in New Year’s Resolutions. Yet according to huffpost.com, 52% of Canadians only stick with their resolutions for a month, forgetting them entirely afterwards. So how can you stick with your New Year’s resolutions?

My suggestion: make a plan. It is great to say that you want to work out more or have a better diet, but how will you achieve those goals if you do not even know where to start?

If your goal is to work out more, then come up with a schedule for when to exercise, and a list of what you want to work on. That way you will have a plan to follow and something to refer to as the year goes on.

Now if your goal is to eat healthier, make a meal plan or a list of your favourite foods, then healthy alternatives. If you like ice cream, yogurt is a healthier choice and something you may want to choose instead.

Your resolutions could honestly be anything, from the ones I talked about above to getting your grades up or even flying to the moon. But as long as you believe in yourself and have a plan, you should have no problem sticking with them. Although… Getting to the moon may be a little tricky.