Perfect Imperfections

Nobody’s perfect.

Everyone has imperfections and that makes them human.

Mistakes are meant to be made, and you learn from them. That is a part of human nature, and sometimes our imperfections make us perfect. Did you know that some of the greatest creations ever were mistakes? Such as penicillin, the first antibiotic discovered in 1928 and safety glass in 1903.

Anyways, what is perfection?

Perfection can mean many different things, but in my opinion it will always be a goal.

Look at it this way. Companies spend so much money and time on creating phones and marketing them. The newest one is so much bigger and better that the last one, but never perfect. That is why they keep on creating more phones, to make them perfect. But as technology keeps on evolving it is a very hard task. Better things will always follow and perfection will still be a goal, a goal out of reach but always there.

So don’t worry too much in life about being perfect, just be you and do the best you can in everything. Sometimes, that is even better than being perfect.

Learn more about Penicillin and Safety Glass –



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